Ashmedai - Hamburg 1971, Helmut Melchert as the King. (Photo: Elisabeth Speidel)

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Note: Manuscript scans are usually not intended for performance since they do not include post-premiere changes and corrections made by JT.  Josef Tal’s music is published by The Israel Music Institute (IMI). You may order most works via . In case this website is unresponsive in any manner please use Contact page to inform.


[IMI Cat.]
1955Saul at Ein Doropera concertante Text: Books of Samuel I, 28: 3-25 soloists & orchestra26'
Michael Taube (1955 Tel Aviv) שאול בעין דור - אופרה קונצרטית
1958Amnon and Tamar libretto: Recha Freier, after Samuel II, 13 soloists, men's choir and orchestra20'
[Heinrichshofens Verlag GmbH]
Heinz Freudenthal (1961 Jerusalem) אמנון ותמר
1969Ashmedailibretto: Israel Eliraz soloists, choir, orchestra & electronic music120'
Gary Bertini / Leopold Lindtberg (1971 Hamburg) אשמדאי
1972Massada 967libretto: Israel Eliraz soloists, choir, & electronic music100'
Gary Bertini / Leonard Schach (1973 Jerusalem) מצדה
1974The Temptation (Die Versuchung) libretto: Israel Eliraz soloists, choir, orchestra & electronic music120'
Gary Bertini / Götz Friedrich (1976 München הנסיון
1983The Tower (Der Turm) libretto: Hans Keller soloists, choir, orchestra & electronic music100'
Ádám Fischer / Siegfried Schoenbohm/ Rainer Winter (1987 Berlin) המגדל
1987The Garden (Der Garten) libretto: Israel Eliraz soloists & ensemble50'
Irmgard Schleier / Peter Löscher (1988 Hamburg) הגן
1993Joseflibretto: Israel Eliraz soloists, choir, orchestra120'
David Alden / Gary Bertini (1995 Tel Aviv) יוסף

Front cover of first edition (1957) - Saul, woodcut by Jacob Steinhardt

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