Jerusalem Conservatorium Orchestra (1939)

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Note: Manuscript scans are usually not intended for performance since they do not include post-premiere changes and corrections made by JT.  Josef Tal’s music is published by The Israel Music Institute (IMI). You may order most works via . In case this website is unresponsive in any manner please use Contact page to inform.

Comp.WORKDETAILSapprox. time
[IMI Cat.]
1936On the Wayfor 4 women voices Texts: Rachel Bluwstein 7'
(never performed)בדרך
1949 Aleinu Leshabe'ach
(1st version)
for choir, solo & organ5'
Max Helfman / David Putterman (1949 New York)עלינו לשבח
1949The Mother Rejoicessymphonic cantata Text: Book of Maccabees 2 (7), Psalms 92 13'
archived at composer's request
Freudenthal (1953 Jerusalem) אם הבנים שמחה
19523 Songs for ChoirOn themes by Sara Levi 11'
Tal (1953 Jerusalem) שלשה שירים למקהלה ע"פ מוטיבים של שרה לוי
1954Aleinu Leshabe'ach
(2nd version)
for tenor solo, 3 voices women choir, & piano (organ) Text: Siddur, Shalom Shabazi5'
(never performed)עלינו לשבח
1955Succot Cantatafor soloists, mixed choir & orchestra. Text: Shacharit, El'azar HaKalir 13'
Tal (1955 Jerusalem) קנטטה לסוכות
After 1962God Full of Mercyfor mixed choir. Text: Yehuda Amichai (1962) 5'
(never performed)אל מלא רחמים - למקהלה מעורבת
1967The Death of Mosesrequiem for soloists, mixed choir, orchestra & electronic music Text: Yehuda Ya'ari 33'
Bertini (1967 Jerusalem) קינה על מות משה
1968Parade of the Fallen (Misdar Ha'Noflim)cantata for soloists, choir & orchestra Text: Haim Hefer 23'
Mendi Rodan (1969 Jerusalem) מסדר הנופלים
1975Death Came to the Wooden Horse Michaelfor soloists, mixed choir & electronic music Text: Nathan Zach 18'
Avner Itai (1979 Jerusalem) המוות בא אל סוס העץ מיכאל
1978With All Thy Soulcantata for soloists, equal voices boys' choir, mixed choir & ensemble
Text: Shema Yisrael, 1 Maccabees (Apocrypha)
Bertini (1978 Jerusalem) בכל נפשך
1985Dream of the Circlesfor baritone, choir & ensemble
Text: Nachman of Breslov
Avner Itai (1985 Tel Aviv) חלום העיגולים
1987Touch a Placefor solo voice & choir Text: Israel Eliraz 6'
Arnon Meroz (1987 Jerusalem) לגעת מקום

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